Marty J Myers of Lost and Found Ohio


I have been interested in ghosts and the paranormal since I was a kid growing up on my grandfathers  Ohio farm out in the country wandering around exploring old barns and the woods behind my grandpa’s house. Hearing old family ghost stories around camp fires, my mother is a fine story teller who grew up near the Hornet Spook Light in Missouri and spent many nights watching the mysterious light winking up and down it’s  dark country road. I heard tales of ghostly cars offering hitch hikers rides, phantom foot steps eternally circling old haunted graveyards and spectral ladies floating accross roads to be struck by cars late at night. These and many other stories kindled my interest in ghosts. As a teenager I read all sorts of ghost stories, both fictional and factual. Watched in search of and the few other programs available then and thought about what might be out in the big wide world.

Nowadays I am out trying to find out what is really out there. I was an independant investigator for several years and then  I was  invited on with Central Ohio Ghost Squad as a Paranormal Investigator/Case Manager from 2008 to the present day. I have worked with other groups including Beth from Grave Addiction and DaShane Watkins of Spiritual Hope and went to many different Places to Investigate such as the Mansfield Reformatory, Moundsville Prison,Bobby Mackeys, the  Twin City Opera House, Waverly Hills and the Anchorage Putnam Villa all of which are  on the website in our Galleries  www.lostandfoundohio.com 

Over the last several years I have grown to love walking and photographing cemeteries for thier historical significance as well as their beauty and tranquility. There is alot of interesting symbolism and artistry carved into those tombstones and each cemetery has dozens of tales to tell us if you really look for them. I have the website to share the things I see as I walk the fields of the dead and the long abandoned halls. I hope people enjoy looking thru my pictures and that they gain an apreciation for our cemeteries and haunted locations.

Lastly, I love exploring places, finding old forgotten places and capturing some of their essence in photographs before they are gone forever. Historical places and those with folklore associated with them or a haunting or two are my favorites to look for. I love the character of many of the older architectural styles as well and I try to show people with my pictures how much of worth is sitting rotting away here in Ohio and elsewhere.


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