Reduced Prices on all ghost hunts at the Twin city opera house 2013 season

Even better prices for the 2013 ghost hunting season at the Twin City Opera House! all paranormal packages have been reduced check out all the options here:

The Twin City Opera House still has plenty of mysteries left to unravel. Come investigate all 5 stories of this authentic historic working opera house built in 1890s. Several apparitions have been reported in the auditorium and on stage including the lady in white who is seen crossing the stage and starting up the catwalk stares. Perhaps you will encounter Everett Miller the usher there for 30 years who still watches over the opera house and has been reported numerous times since the 60s and during investigations. Quite possibly you will run into 10 year old Elizabeth peeking from the catwalk or hear her giggling or possibly her companion Red Wine Robert who enjoys interacting with paranormal investigators by answering questions through EMF devices and has been heard on EVP’s stating that “I’ve got Red Wine”. Perhaps the spirit of John Leezer who was fatally stabbed in the ballroom in the early 1900’s will make an appearance. For those looking for a darker encounter, the Dark Shadow Masses that lurk deep in the basement near the blocked off tunnels that once ran under the town may make an appearance. These Black Masses have been observed by dozens of people and will occasionally growl or drastically drop the temperature for those who get too near or shake their chairs. One Black Mass was captured on 2 different DVR cameras on June 6th, 2009. Over 300 EVP’s have been captured from the Opera House. Every part of this historic building is paranormally active and has been titled one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio. Come see for yourself.


Twin City Opera House Public ghost Hunt March 9nth 2013

Haunted Twin City Opera House

Haunted Twin City Opera House

Come Join the United Paranormal Projec as they investigate
the Haunted Twin City Opera House March 9nth 2013!

Spring Public Ghost Hunt of the Twin City Opera House

Sat March 9nth 2013
Check in is at 9:30PM
Online Price $30.00 each per night or $40.00 at the door.

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You may meet the spirits who call the Twin City Opera House their home: Everett Miller a former usher at the Opera House for 30 years; Elizabeth a 10 year old little girl who still plays in the catwalk; Red Wine Robert a spirit who obviously likes his red wine and loves to tease paranormal Investigators; You may also run into John Leezer who was fatally stabbed in the ballroom on the 3rd floor in the early 1900’s

bring a flashlight and camera, the United Paranormal Project will provide other paranormal equipment for guests use such as digital thermostats, full spectrum cameras, audio digital equipment as well as thier own guides and experience to make it a night your never likely to forget.