Quiet Times at Lost and Found Ohio

Hello everyone, sorry about not updating this blog in so long. Its obvious that I have become much less active these past few years. A couple children and growing older will do that to you I guess. In any event I do occasionally make it out into the field once in a while but its mainly to visit old haunts and local sites I can manage with just an hour or two from home. until my children grow up a bit more and are able to come with me during my cemetery photography or me and my wife can manage to afford some more babysitters I will likely be in semi retirement. All our pictures and blogs are still up at Lost and Found Ohio for those who wish to look them over and I may add a few more locations as time permits. I hope everyone who has visited the site has enjoyed it. My partner on the website tom Broadwater is still managing the website and occasionally even he will go out into the field and take a few pics and he is definitely been more active on the website the last year or two than I have. So feel free to drop by now and then. I wish you all the best, to each and everyone of our visitors and fans. Have fun, explore and be safe.