Our Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony is with us again 2/1/2011 – 4 Horsemen Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Our Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony is with us again 2/1/2011 – 4 Horsemen Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio.


                FEB 1ST 2011 EPISODE


We will be having Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer” Back on for another show since we had so many interested listeners call in and we hardly got a chance to discus many of the paranormal subjects we wanted to. Now with two hour long shows instead of one many more callers and questions can be addressed by Mark and the 4 Horsemen.
 so tune in, call in, and be heard!
  Mark Anthony is a practicing medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is descended from a long line of psychically gifted people. For over a century the psychics and mediums in his family have used their gifts to help people. Mr. Anthony is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. He earned his law degree from Mercer University in Georgia and studied law at Oxford University, England. Mark is a published author who has written several articles on both law and metaphysical phenomenon. His upcoming book “Spirits to the Rescue” is about healing grief with help from the Other Side.

The Great Appalachian Spook Show video and info


The Great Appalachian Spook Show video and info.



FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO  www.greatappalachianspookshow.com 

 we will have two nights of investigation of the Twin City Opera House after hours at the conference. here is a write up of the activity to be found at the opera house and you can check it out at  www.twincityoperahouse.com 

   There is no place quite like the Twin City Opera House in my opinion, I certainly haven’t been anywhere else with as much variety of paranormal activity or anywhere I enjoyed investigating more. I have investigated the opera house over a dozen times now and you know what, I cant wait to go there again and try setting the cameras differently and changing up where the audio digitals are going based on what I have learned there from previous investigations or trying out new theories or techniques.
    I also cant wait to try talking to and communicating with the spirits that are there. We have identified two distinct spirits that are very active up in the catwalk area above the stage, Elizabeth and ten year old girl who has given us her name and age thru evps and disembodied voices, whispering her age into a couple investigators ears and often heard giggling up in the catwalk, she even ocasionally has been sighted peaking over the rail looking down on the stage and has left her name as a evp in anser to a question. Then there is Robert whos first evp to us said “I’ve got red wine” and who may have been a stage hand or actor at the Twin City Opera House, he is particularly mischievious and often interacts with pretty woman guests and investigators thru emf and evp sessions and has even touched a few of them when encouraged. Footsteps and odd cold spells are other phenomina that often occur in the catwalk and many times you can actually ask the spirits to cool the catwalk area down and watch your thermometer drop as you encourage them. Then there is a white lady who has been seen by many different people walking across the stage and up the catwalk stairs. Numerous times cameras and equipment has been moved , shut off or otherwise manipulated to thwart investigators catching evidence of her passage.  Recently multible sightings of an aparition darting up the left hand stairs to the stage and around the corner near the top of the basement steps have also been reported. 

   The shadow activity in the basement has to be seen to be believed at times. A black mass has been photographed and caught simultaneously on two IR cameras down in the deepest part of the basement near the old closed off tunnel system that used to link the opera house basement to multible locations about town. Loud growling is also been heard in the basement and ocasionally someone will have there chair bumped into or shaken. There have been two sightings of shadow men have happened to our own investigators while the lights were on and setting up and tearing down cameras was in progress. EVP sessions with long question and anser sessions and evps later backing up yes and no questions have been a staple in the basement at times in our earliest investigations.
 Almost all areas of the opera house have yeilded EVPs including the basement, catwalk, auditorium, concession stand ,projection booth and ballroom. Loud running footsteps have repeatedly been heard coming down from the balcony as well as walking across other sections of the second floor. Music, singing, piano notes and other old time jingles have been heard in the opera house by many different people coming from nowhere including the current Theatre Manager. The upper two floors of the opera house have been unavailable for investigation up until recently but even there the ballroom, coatroom and clock tower have produced EVPs and moving cold spots as well as strange noises coming from no aparent source in the ballrooms corners. Recently the coatroom has seen activity increase as well with the siting of strange lights and communication with an unknown little spirit girl.

 Ghost sightings

and paranormal activity at the opera house has been reported as far back as the 60’s when the ghost of Everette Miller an Usher there for 30 years was seen by 18 youths in the auditorium. Custodians and other employees have sometimes quit over personal experiences in the opera house and even today many of them are reluctant to go into certain areas of the opera house by themselves. the stage curtains were once very active opening and  closing by themselves before the current electric motor and pulley system was put in place and one particularly odd phenominom was the flushing of the womans restroom at all hours of the day and night.  One previous owner of the opera house, who lived there for a couple years  on the stage actually ran out of the building after his encounter with the Lady in White on the stage, leaving the doors wide open to the night.

   The concession stand area has yeilded many evps including one of the clearest and loudest evps I have heard, the projection booth has supplied an evp and a phantom man has been seen near the glass window looking down into the auditorium. In fact there are so many spots where paranormal activity has been experienced  by people and sometimes caught on audio and video equiptment that there really isnt anyplace in the opera house I can say would be a bad place to investigate.  Their is quite a combination of residual and intelligent hauntings at the Twin City Opera House with question and anser sessions being held in the catwalk and basement areas with ansers being recorded by audio digitals and enf fields and fluctuations aparently responding to investigators as well as disembodied words and cries ocasionally ansering.  While on the stage and upon various staires footsteps and whole aparitions seem to mindlessly repeat themselves without the slightest suggestion of inteligence. I literaly never know what I might experience at the opera house but I am always fairly sure to see or hear something each time I go, which in my experience as an investigator is truely amazing in and of itself. 

  Marty Myers paranormal investigator of COGS  www.centralohioghostsquad.com   

  and to visit the opera house at www.twincityoperahouse.com

Dead Voters used to Rig Elections

Dead Voters used to Rig Elections.

Dead Voters used in rigging elections?

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Nearly one-third of Zimbabwe’s registered voters are dead, and others appear to be babies or up to 120 years old, researchers said Friday, calling for the list to be overhauled so that the upcoming election cannot be rigged.
The independent Zimbabwe Election Support Network’s report said that the anomalies opened the way for “double voting and other rigging intentions.”
In its research, the group found some 2,344 voters between the ages of 101 and 110 still on Zimbabwe’s voting rolls, a dubious figure in a country where the average life expectancy is a mere 44 years.
The report also cited a lawmaker who found that more than 500 dead voters had all been given the same birth date — January 1, 1901.
 to read the complete story please follow the abaove link……

Burglars Snort Deadmans Ashes thinking its Cocaine

Burglars Snort Deadmans Ashes thinking its Cocaine.

 good morning and welcome to Lost and Found Ohio’s blog today we have one of those stories that just makes you think the human race is doomed by our growing stupidity. 


MIAMI — Burglars snorted the cremated remains of a man and two dogs in the mistaken belief that they had stolen illegal drugs, Florida sheriff’s deputies said Wednesday.


The ashes were taken from a woman’s home in the central Florida town of Silver Springs Shores on Dec. 15. The thieves took an urn containing the ashes of her father and another container with the ashes of her two Great Danes, along with electronic equipment and jewelry, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators learned what happened to the ashes after they arrested five teens in connection with another burglary attempt at a nearby home last week….. follow the link above for the whole story

Bryn Du Mansion Filming this weekend

Bryn Du Mansion Filming this weekend.

 My partner in Lost and Found Ohio Tom and I are getting ready to go out to Bryn Du Mansion saturday night for more filming for the next Paraeglo, Cogstv production ” Hauntings at the Bryn Du Mansion”   www.cogstv.com  

   this will be the 5th production I have worked on with COGS and I got to admit I am still excited to be a part of this project and COGS in general. There is something about taking all the raw footage and audio, pics, etc. and trying to put them all together to make a movie/documentary that is so challenging.

 We will be helping out our friends at COGS with filming and production at this historic and haunted mansion just outside Granville Ohio.   The Bryn Du Mansion has been a great source of material and investigations which have lead to compiling an impresive body of investigations and evidence to drawl from for this production. I am definitely looking forward to getting back out to the mansion and seeing what we can stir up. I have had the pleasure to see and hear many odd things and have been lucky enough to catch some of it on camera allready so this should be another great  para-movie/documentary! Hopefully we will have it wraped up and available in the next couple months so check back for updates and details. If you would like more info on this location or to get to investigate it for yourself then check it out at 


  we will also be giving a lecture there Feb 1st at 7pm if you would like to stop by and see the mansion for yourself its free and open to the public.  On Feb 12th their will be the first ever Public community ghost hunt of the mansion, details can be found thru the above link.

Poe’s graveside amirer misses a second year

Poe’s graveside amirer misses a second year.

good morning everyone todays Lost and Found Ohio article talks about the end of one of the most famous graveside visitations there is, that of Edgar Allen Poe’s admirer……

Telltale hearts beat with anticipation during a rainy, midnight dreary and beyond, hoping the mysterious visitor to Edgar Allan Poe’s grave would return after a one-year absence.
Four impostors came and went. The real one never showed. Around 5 a.m., the dozen Poe fans who were left began to wonder if the eerie ritual is indeed nevermore, so they walked to Poe’s tombstone and performed their own tribute by leaving roses and drinking a cognac toast.
A fascinating tradition that ran for some 60 years and was never fully explained appears to have ended. An unknown person who left three roses and a half-empty bottle of cognac at Poe’s grave on the anniversary of the writer’s birth failed to appear Wednesday, the second straight year he’s disappointed those who stake out the downtown Westminster Hall and Burying Ground.
“I think we can safely say it’s not car trouble, and he’s not sick,” said Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum. “This doesn’t look good.” ……… to read the rest follow the link above

Monk caught with nuns skeleton in baggage

Monk caught with nuns skeleton in baggage.

 good morning todays blog article for Lost and Found Ohio Jan 19th 2011

A Cypriot monk caught at a Greek airport with the skeletal remains of a nun in his baggage on the weekend told authorities he was taking the relics of a saint back to his monastery.

The 56-year-old Cypriot was detained at Athens airport on Sunday after security staff discovered a skull wrapped in cloth and skeletal remains in a sheet inside his baggage…..   the full story can be found by following the link back to Lost and Found Ohio