Parting of Ways with COGS leads to the United Paranormal Project

Parting of Ways with COGS leads to the United Paranormal Project.

Lost and Found Ohio is anouncing our parting of the ways with the Central Ohio Ghost Squad  and our continueing commitment to investigate the paranormal with the United Paranormal Project a collection of equals all working together to form a cooperative investigative team.

 These are almost all of the same great investigators that made up the previous COGS team but with an even more refined Management. We have parted ways with COGS Founder Ed Konkler and resigned our positions in the team. this in no way means we have given up our search for the truth behind claims of paranormal activity, it is simply that we have reached a fork in the road of life where many of us prefered to go left while others chose to follow their hearts down the right hand path instead. We wish all in COGS the best and hope they in turn do the same for us. 

    Our new team website is  and it will be recieving some major injections of content in the next few weeks. We are maintaining our goals this year of offering one of the best paranormal conferences in May, the Great Appalachian Spook Show and our continuing of our commitments as hosts at Bryn Du Mansion and the Twin City Opera House.

Marty Myers of Lost and Found Ohio and the United Paranormal Project


 Here is one of my all time  favorite 4 Horseman Paranormal Radio Show episodes with our guest Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, psychic and Horror Author supreme. I have done alot of interviews and this one still stands out as being one of the more interesting and outspoken voices in the paranormal field to have come onto the show so please tune in and perhaps you too will become a fan of Anrea, but beware she is an exacting mistress and a no holds barred personality that will no spare your sensibillities.

 Andrea will be a guest speaker at the Great Appalachian Spook Show this May 6th and 7th and I am looking forward to finally meeting her in person

the poor and unknown dead are being stacked like cordwood in a single mass grave in Chicago

the poor and unknown dead are being stacked like cordwood in a single mass grave in Chicago.

The Poor  are being stacked like cordwood into a single mass grave

  Associated Press

5:52 p.m. CST, February 17, 2011


Stillborn babies are buried by the dozens in the same wooden box and the bodies of indigent adults are stacked in mass graves at a Chicago-area cemetery that inters the county’s poor and unknown dead, authorities said Thursday.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart called for a review of the cemetery’s contract at a news conference in which he criticized the operation for haphazard practices and restated his belief that the state needs legislation requiring DNA collection on all unidentified bodies.

The Sheriff’s department video of a Feb. 1 burial of indigents at the cemetery shows workers unloading a rental truck packed to the ceiling with more than a dozen wood coffins. In the video, workers use a backhoe to stack the boxes into a single open hole in the ground.,0,2611358.story

How does a haunted house get its started

How does a haunted house get its started.

How do modern day haunted house stories/rumours get started? well todays article is one example of the most basic/classic method, a house sits empty and or abandoned long enough and looks out of place or has something remarkable about it and it only takes a couple years before it aquires a reputation or rumours start flying their must be something unnatural about the place for it to remain empty.  This in my experience is much more common than theire actually being a paranormal incident at the location to start off speculation that it is haunted. See for yourself in this next article follow the link above

Marty Myers of Lost and Found Ohio

Ancient Skull Goblets point to Canibalism in Britain

Ancient Skull Goblets point to Canibalism in Britain.

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Ancient Britons devoured their dead and created gruesome goblets from the skulls of their remains, according to new research published on Wednesday.

Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum discovered 15,000-year-old human bones in southern England which showed signs of cannibalism and skulls made into drinking cups.

The skulls — found in Gough’s Cave in the Cheddar Gorge in the southwestern English county of Somerset — had been meticulously cleaned of soft tissue, cut to remove the base and facial bones, and had their rough edges smoothed to create skull-cups or bowls, paleontologist Silvia Bello wrote in a study in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE.

“All in all it was a very painstaking process given the tools available,” Bello said in a statement.

The researchers said the cups may have been used as containers or for some ritualistic purpose.

“It’s impossible to know how the skull-cups were used back then, but in recent examples they may hold blood, wine or food during rituals,” said Chris Stringer, who helped excavate one of the skull-cups in 1987.

At about 14,700 years old, the skull-cups from Gough’s Cave are the oldest directly dated examples in the world, the researchers said.

They said the circumstances behind the deaths of the Cro-Magnons (European early modern humans), whose bones they discovered, can only be guessed at.

They may have been killed, butchered and eaten — with the skull-cups just the end of this event — or may have been part of the group who died and were eaten in a crisis situation, with the skull-cups created as a tribute to the dead.

“We simply do not know,” they said in a joint emailed response to questions.

The use of skulls as drinking vessels has been well-documented in historical accounts and recent ethnographic studies, the researchers explained in their study.

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus portrayed the Scythians as people who drank from the skulls of their enemies and similar practices have been recorded among Vikings, Australian Aborigines and in tantric Buddhist rituals.

A precise cast of one of the skull-cups, complete with cut marks, will go on display in the Natural History Museum in London from March 1 for three months.

What do you do when your Burried by Your Murderer

What do you do when your Burried by Your Murderer.

 What do you do when your Burried by your Murderer with other Victums? One family struggles with this question as they also struggle to raise enough money to move their loved one from the grave.

 OWASCO — The family of murder victim David Castor is asking for help to exhume and move his body.

Immediately after the notorious Stacey Castor was convicted and sent off to prison last year, Janice Poissant, the first wife of murder victim David Castor, and David Castor Jr. vowed to move him from the grave in which Stacey Castor buried him. Today Castor’s body remains side by side in a rural cemetery near Owasco with Stacey’s first husband Michael Wallace who was also murdered by anti-freeze poisoning.

Stacey Castor is serving 51 years to life after her conviction last year of the anti-freeze murder of David Castor, Sr. and the attempted murder of her daughter Ashley Wallace in a failed attempt to blame her for the crime. Her case has attracted national attention.

Donations for the burial fund can be made at the following location:



David W. Castor Sr. Burial Fund

Attn: Bonnie Coulter
Account # 223338
Beacon Federal Bank
6311 Court Street Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

 more can be found on this case by following the above link.

Thousands of remains awating their families at hospital where One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was filmed

Thousands of remains awating their families at hospital where One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was filmed.

 todays blog article is about the hospital where One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was filmed and there thousands of cremains are awaiting claiming.

They call it the “room of forgotten souls:” the storage area at Oregon’s state mental hospital where the cremated remains of 3,500 former patients and inmates were stashed away. Now the decrepit, 128-year-old hospital – the site where “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was filmed – is trying to match the remains with surviving relatives.

It won’t be an easy task……   for more details follow the link