Great Appalachian Spook Show post wrap up

Great Appalachian Spook Show post wrap up.

The Great Appalachian Spook Show 2012  turned out to be a great weekend of paranormal speakers, friends and fellow investigators along with a host of interesting people/attendees that really ellevated the conference to a true meeting  of the minds and sharing of ideas and theories about the paranormal.

   I want to thank everyone who came out and joined us in exploring what the paranormal is and what it means along with tips and techniques on how to improve all of our continueing investigations into this fascinating field.

Plans are allready underway for next years spook show with improvements and new ideas being fielded from the hosts and attendees. Look for details for next years speakers and events around January of next year while pictures and other evidence from the event and the two ghost hunts this past weekend go up at the Spook Shows website. Get  More details by following the link to my Lost and Found Ohio blog


Updates on Great Appalachian Spook Show May 4th 5th 6th 2012

Just a couple days untill the spook show and we have a couple updates, first off its likely that Brian Harnois will not be fullfilling his obligation to show up as a speaker or guest at our paranormal conference. he has stiffed several cons recently by taking their money and then doing a no show. unfortunatley I dont see our spook show as having any more chance of his appearance at this point since he is not returning messages or emails. If he should show then I will be the first to apologise.

Sadly their have been others this year and last year who were scheduled and waited untill the last minute to back out, they at least called but otherwise I dont see them being invited back either. But really this isnt unusual, in the paranormal field their are alot of people who don’t manage to meet their commitments. I seriously don’t think the field is not taken seriosuly just because of its subject matter, its also some of the people out there in the field, casting doubts as to their/our sincereity, profesionalism and reputation by these stunts. The majority are doing their best to advance the field but a few bad apples tend to spoil it for everyone at times.
This also applies to the flipside of a paranormal conference and the paranormal field, the organisers/promoters failing as I have been invited to speak at more than one conference over the years that then folded up and never happend due to not collecting enough pre-sales to satisfy the promoter/organiser or even shadier reasons like having never actually aquired/reserved a location for the show. Many would be conference goers have been stiffed at one point or another by such flim flamery and had to try to fight for refunds. Lastly the paranormal is such a popular field that many people decide they want to put on a conference or para-event and then become overwhelmed with the realities of the money/time and effort involved in schedulling and organising such an event and fail. These flash in the pan cons rarely make it thru their first year to their second. All of this leads me to our own para-con traversing the trials and tribulations and going into its second year.

The Great Appalachian Spook Show continues to gather steam as we have added new venders this year in addition to our many returning venders and speakers. like U-Neel Rabbit Shawls, Shawls & Native American Crafts

Our after hours events are filling up too so if you want in on one of the workshops or ghost hunts you had better get signed up soon. Get a great deal on the whole three day paranormal conference by ordering your tickets online Now, soon it will be too late to get these discounts so dont miss out.

we are also announcing a great new photography contest for this years spook show. All weekend long at the spook show or any of its events we encourage you to take pictures and do what you do, look for ghosts. the best pictures submited during the spook show showing some kind of paranormal activity will be in the running to win a 25 dollar prize, we will have some of our speakers and a member of the United Paranormal Project be the judges.
We are also considering having an open photography contest where anyone can bring their best paranormal photograph to the spook show to enter it into a simular contest so dig out your best pics and bring them with you. Theres nothing like being able to compare evidence with others in the field and talk shop anyway.

The Great Appalachian Spook Show

Friday May 4th 5th and 6th 2012

The Haunted & Historic
Twin City Opera House
15 West Main Street
McConnelsville, Ohio 43756

For More Information

Join Ohio’s Representative’s of the American Ghost Society—The United Paranormal Project—at the Haunted Twin City Opera House, “One of the most haunted locations in Ohio” for a weekend of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained. All of this nestled in Historic McConnelsville located along the Muskingum River in Morgan County, Ohio.

Get a great deal on the whole three day paranormal conference by ordering your tickets online Now, soon it will be too late to get these discounts so dont miss out.

We will be offering nationally-known speakers on ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural. Pat Brussard, John Sabol, Aron Houdini and James Willis to name a few. Plus all of this will include: paranormal workshops, haunted tours, ghost hunts, after-hours events and much more!
The Great Appalachian Spook Show is open to guests from all over the country and will give attendees the chance to gather information about ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained; meet other ghost enthusiasts from around the country; network and compare notes with other investigators; and to visit the haunted Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio. You don’t want to miss this conference.
hope to see you there : )