Lost and Found Ohio investigations and updates 2014

Update: I am getting back out of winter hibernation and onto the start of another busy year here at Lost and Found Ohio

I had a great time this past weekend with my fellows of the United Paranormal Project http://www.1upp.org we did some training and investigated the Old Licking County Jail again. We had a good 30 minute flash light session in the basement down by the old holding cell that I am still going over the video of and a few other signs of activity up in the matrons quarters there to check it out go to http://www.parajail.com

This coming weekend I am going with the team to the Sedamsville rectory for an investigation down near Cincinnati for the first time to check out the activity there http://www.sedamsvillerectory.com/

then January the 25th we are hosting a public hunt at the Bryn Du Mansion one of my favorite places to investigate. so come on out and join us if you feel like spending a night in a spooky old mansion. hope to see you

also I have been adding tons of cool new items to my Spooky Things store so check it out. http://www.zazzle.com/spookythings


The Great Appalachian Spook Show returns! May 4th, 5th and 6th 2012

The Great Appalachian Spook Show Returns!

a Paranormal Conference like no other


Friday May 4th 5th and 6th 2012

The Haunted & Historic
Twin City Opera House
15 West Main Street
McConnelsville, Ohio 43756

For More Information

Join Ohio’s Representative’s of the American Ghost Society—The United Paranormal Project—at the Haunted Twin City Opera House, “One of the most haunted locations in Ohio” for a weekend of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained. All of this nestled in Historic McConnelsville located along the Muskingum River in Morgan County, Ohio.
We will be offering nationally-known speakers on ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural. Brian Harnois, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, Pat Brussard, John Sabol, James Willis to name a few. Plus all of this will include: paranormal workshops, haunted tours, ghost hunts, after-hours events and much more!

The Great Appalachian Spook Show is open to guests from all over the country and will give attendees the chance to gather information about ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained; meet other ghost enthusiasts from around the country; network and compare notes with other investigators; and to visit the haunted Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio. You don’t want to miss this conference.

the Twin City Opera House was built in 1892 and has been reported haunted since 1963 when 18 youths saw an aparition that was later identified by the owner Galen Finley as an usher Everett Miller who had worked there for 30 years and had lived accross the street from Galen as a boy. There have been two other aparitions reported there by multible people on several different occasions including a lady in white that always crosses the stage and goes up the catwalk steps. there are a couple other spirits in the catwalk as well a 10 year old girl named Elizabeth and a 30 year old stage hand named Robert. Elizabeth has been heard giggling many times up there and ocasionally will even be seen peeking down onto the stage. EVPs from both spirits have been captured during atempted comunication with these spirits. There is even more activity in the opera house down in the basement where pictures and video has captured a black mass and several sightings of shadowmen have been seen.

More information on the opera house can be found at http://www.twincityoperahouse.com

I am looking for a paranormal equipment vender to setup at the Great Appalachian Spook Show May 4th 5th and 6th and in McConnelsville Ohio for our 2nd paranormal conference there. If you are such a vender or know of one that may be interested than get in touch with me ASAP and we will work out favorable details with you. You can also be an investigator/author or whatever combonation with ghost gear available as long as you have a decent sellection.

It has come to our attention that finding such a vender at a paranormal conference is what many people attending cons want but cant find. This makes little sense to me as I have attended many differenct cons for different interests/hobbies and events and whether it be comics, cars, roleplaying, video games, etc they have no problem assembling venders with stock but when you look into paranormal stores/venders there seems to be a real lack of physical brick and morter stores with actual stock/equipment. I would love to be proved wrong on this and am looking forward to getting into contact with venders who can set real stock onto a real table and sell to my guests/event goers. the website to check out the event and see the speakers/workshops, etc is http://www.greatappalachianspookshow.com and the venue for the event can be seen at http://www.twincityoperahouse.com

All of our venders from last year were pleased with their sales and the event in general and many of them are setting up again this year.

please contact me thru my email at http://www.grimshawl1972@yahoo.com Marty Myers of UPP and Lost and Found Ohio
http://www.1upp.org and http://www.lostandfoundohio.com

Spooky Things for you to Look thru

I am launching a webstore to offer Lost and Found Ohio swag and many of my cemetery pictures as well as some personal artwork and oddball vintage cemetery and momento mori art. I am calling the store Spooky Things

Spooky Things is a shop for all things spooky, creepy and fun. It combines my love of Halloween and my cemetery photography, haunted locations and lost and forgotten places pictures.
If you are a fan and have seen a picture on Lost and Found Ohio you would like to get on a shirt or product let me know and we will see what we can do.
here is a link to the site for you to it check out hope you enjoy


make custom gifts at Zazzle

Bryn Du Mansion Public Ghost Hunt 11/11/11


  Lots of exciting news about the paranormal dates and events available at the Bryn Du Mansion so check it out.


The Bryn Du Mansion’s calender of open dates is up for the seasons investigations at http://www.twincityoperahouse.com/bryn-du-mansion.php 

dont miss out on a great haunted location for your group to investigate.

 Bryn Du Mansion
 537 Jones Road
 Granville Ohio 43023

Come join us at the Bryn Du Mansion for the 3rd ever public ghost hunt. At 7:00PM you will be some of the first to watch the newly released DVD, The Hauntings at the Bryn Du Mansion.
Following the movie you will ghost hunt the haunted Bryn Du Mansion with the United Paranormal Project until 3:00AM.
Cost is $30.00 online or $40.00 at the door. 


Twin City Opera House Halloween Ghost Hunt Oct 29th 2011





Twin City Opera House Halloween Ghost Hunt Oct 29th 2011

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September 29 2011 by Marty




Halloween Public Hunt at the Twin City Opera House


 We will be returning to my favorite haunted location just in time for halloween this year! and we are opening the investigation up to the public : ) I cant wait to get back down to the opera house during my favorite season. Last years halloween ghost hunt was awesome! we had alot of activity and energy filling the opera house and many of the people who came out had some really great experiences. I am definitely looking forward to getting back up in the catwalk and seeing how Red Wine Robert is doing and Elizabeth. And going back down into the basement to see if i can spot the back mass or catch any growling from the corners. Come on out and see for yourself

$30.00 for Public Ghost Hunt at the Twin City Opera House
 on Saturday October 29th, 2011. 9:30PM to 3:00AM…
 Price is $40.00 per person at the door.

   The opera house will be showing a halloween horror movie previous to the doors opening for the ghost hunt so check showtimes and come on down early to watch a scarey movie in the haunted opera house before wandering around in the dark all night !   www.operahouseinc.com   or phone at 740-962-3030



Twin City Opera House
15 W. Main St.                     
McConnelsville, Ohio 43756


Bryn Du mansion Public Ghost Hunt Friday April 29th 2011

Bryn Du mansion Public Ghost Hunt Friday April 29th 2011.

 Bryn Du Mansion Public Ghost Hunt
          April 29th 2011
          at 8pm to 3am

  Dont miss out, recent activity at the mansion has been really something with shadow people sightings, disembodied voices, a coat wrack shoved up against the dining room wall and an aparition caught with a camcorder still image in the third floor trunk room.

This historic haunted mansion has only been open for a limited few private investigations for a few months each year for the past two years and will once again be closed after this date to furth investigations untill November. You can have the oportunity to search thru the place yourself for one night only as the Bryn Du Mansion opens its doors for all those who wish to discover its paranormal occupants!  Will you encounter the shadow people in the second floor halls? Will the irate spirit of Sally Jones stalk you thru the third floor to the steam trunk room? Will you dare to enter the labrinthine 14 room basement and search out Old Man Joneses treasure?

   You will only need a small flashlight to navigate around in the dark. Ghost Hunting Equipment will be provided by UPP, the United Paranormal Project. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you wish including cameras and audio recorders. Get your tickets now. All the history and much of the paranormal evidence collected so far of the Bryn Du Mansion can be found at


              PUBLIC GHOST HUNT

FRIDAY APRIL 29th, 2011
8:00PM to 3:00AM
Purchase Tickets Online and $ave
$30.00 Online / $40.00 at the door

                                               Registration Starts at 7:30PM

                               Bryn Du Mansion

                              537 Jones Road

                          Granville, Ohio 43023

Greetings from Lost and Found Ohio

 Hello, I am Marty Myers

  Recently I have had to move my blog off of myspace as anyone who has been dealing with their BS knows they are a completely sinking ship with management bailing water into the ship as fast as they can. Its unfortunate as I had been blogging there for years now and had made alot of contacts and friends there. sadly the majority of them have been driven from myspace for simular reasons as I have.

 My blog is centered upon three main topics which I present on my website  www.lostandfoundohio.com 

1  cemetery photography and preservation

2  urban and rural abandonments

3  paranormal investigation and ghost stories/urban legends

 I also collect some odd news items that skirt along the edges of all three of these subjects/interests

 I and my partner Tom Broadwater our the duo behind Lost and Found Ohio. I do almost all of the fieldwork/photography and he covers most of the webwork other than the blogging.

 I am also a paranormal investigator/team member of the Central Ohio Ghost Squad  and one of the 4 Horsemen Paranormal Radio hosts.

 Between these hobbies I usually stay pretty busy with a number of interesting events, trips and adventures so I hope you will join me as I set off for another years jouney closer to the unknown, unexplored and forgotten.