Bryn Du Mansion Public Ghost Hunt 11/11/11


  Lots of exciting news about the paranormal dates and events available at the Bryn Du Mansion so check it out.


The Bryn Du Mansion’s calender of open dates is up for the seasons investigations at 

dont miss out on a great haunted location for your group to investigate.

 Bryn Du Mansion
 537 Jones Road
 Granville Ohio 43023

Come join us at the Bryn Du Mansion for the 3rd ever public ghost hunt. At 7:00PM you will be some of the first to watch the newly released DVD, The Hauntings at the Bryn Du Mansion.
Following the movie you will ghost hunt the haunted Bryn Du Mansion with the United Paranormal Project until 3:00AM.
Cost is $30.00 online or $40.00 at the door. 


Twin City Opera House ghost hunt with Jane Riley of Ghost Hunters Academy this Saturday Night

Twin City Opera House ghost hunt with Jane Riley of Ghost Hunters Academy this Saturday Night.

  Just a reminder this saturday night! hurry to get the chance

Twin City Opera House Public Community Ghost Hunt
February 5th, 2011
15 Main Street, McConnelsville, OHIO
with Ghost Hunter Academy Jane Riley

Join COGS and Ghost Hunters Academies JANE RILEY on a Public Ghost Hunt the Cost is $35.00 per person at the door or only $30.00 per person if pre-paid online.

Twin City Opera House
15 West Main Street
McConnelsville, OH 43756

The Twin City Opera House still has plenty of mysteries left to unravel. Bring Your flashlight and your courage and perhaps you will encounter Everett Miller the usher there for 30 years who still watches over the opera house and has been contacted and seen numerous times during investigations. Or quite possibly you will run into 10 year old Elizabeth peeking from the catwalk or hear her giggling. Then there is Red Wine Robert who enjoys interacting with paranormal investigators by answering questions through EMF devices and he has also been heard on EVP’s stating that “I’ve got Red Wine”. For those looking for a darker encounter, the Dark Shadow Masses that lurk deep in the basement near the blocked off tunnels that once ran under the town. These Black Masses have been observed by dozens of people and will occasionally growl or drastically drop the temperature for those who get too near. One Black Mass was captured on 2 different DVR cameras on June 6th, 2009. Over 300 EVP’s have been captured from the Opera House. Or spend some time up in the highest point of the Opera House up in the clock tower where many people feel the spirits go to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the opera house patrons, but wherever you go be assured that every part of this historic building is paranormally active and has been titled one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio by the Central Ohio Ghost Squad. if you prefer having the opera house all to yourself you can reserve the opera house thru the same website

Bryn Du Mansion Public Ghost Hunt Feb 12

                              SATURDAY FEB 12   2011 

The First ever open to the Public Ghost Hunt of the Bryn Du Mansion! 

Bryn Du Mansion

  This historic haunted mansion has only been open for a limited few private investigations for a few months each year for  the past two years thru COGS until now. You can have the oportunity to search thru the place yourself for one night only the Bryn Du Mansion opens its doors for all those who wish to dicover its paranormal occupants! 

UPDATE:  Also the Central Ohio Ghost Squad will be Presenting a discusion at Bryn Du Mansion at 7pm on Tuesday Feb  1st free and open to everyone. So come on out and check out the mansion and COGS for yourself a few weeks before the ghost hunt!

Here is the URL Link:

 and here are  a couple links to footage evidence at the mansion caught by the central ohio ghost squad 

$30.00 per person online and save 5 dollars or 35 at the door

Saturday February 12th, 2011
Registration Starts at 7:30PM
Bryn Du Mansion
537 Jones Road
Granville, Ohio 43023
You will only need a small flashlight to navigate around in the dark. Ghost Hunting Equipment will be provided by COGS/  the central ohio ghost squad. You are welcome to bring your own equipment including Cameras and Voice Recorders. Some of you will no doubt have come on our Haunted Twin City Opera House open hunts and will be looking forward to a new oportunity to enter another haunted location hosted by COGS so dont wait! Get your tickets now.  All the history and paranormal evidence of the Bryn Du Mansion can be found at