Parting of Ways with COGS leads to the United Paranormal Project

Parting of Ways with COGS leads to the United Paranormal Project.

Lost and Found Ohio is anouncing our parting of the ways with the Central Ohio Ghost Squad  and our continueing commitment to investigate the paranormal with the United Paranormal Project a collection of equals all working together to form a cooperative investigative team.

 These are almost all of the same great investigators that made up the previous COGS team but with an even more refined Management. We have parted ways with COGS Founder Ed Konkler and resigned our positions in the team. this in no way means we have given up our search for the truth behind claims of paranormal activity, it is simply that we have reached a fork in the road of life where many of us prefered to go left while others chose to follow their hearts down the right hand path instead. We wish all in COGS the best and hope they in turn do the same for us. 

    Our new team website is  and it will be recieving some major injections of content in the next few weeks. We are maintaining our goals this year of offering one of the best paranormal conferences in May, the Great Appalachian Spook Show and our continuing of our commitments as hosts at Bryn Du Mansion and the Twin City Opera House.

Marty Myers of Lost and Found Ohio and the United Paranormal Project


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