What do you do when your Burried by Your Murderer

What do you do when your Burried by Your Murderer.

 What do you do when your Burried by your Murderer with other Victums? One family struggles with this question as they also struggle to raise enough money to move their loved one from the grave.

 OWASCO — The family of murder victim David Castor is asking for help to exhume and move his body.

Immediately after the notorious Stacey Castor was convicted and sent off to prison last year, Janice Poissant, the first wife of murder victim David Castor, and David Castor Jr. vowed to move him from the grave in which Stacey Castor buried him. Today Castor’s body remains side by side in a rural cemetery near Owasco with Stacey’s first husband Michael Wallace who was also murdered by anti-freeze poisoning.

Stacey Castor is serving 51 years to life after her conviction last year of the anti-freeze murder of David Castor, Sr. and the attempted murder of her daughter Ashley Wallace in a failed attempt to blame her for the crime. Her case has attracted national attention.

Donations for the burial fund can be made at the following location:



David W. Castor Sr. Burial Fund

Attn: Bonnie Coulter
Account # 223338
Beacon Federal Bank
6311 Court Street Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

 more can be found on this case by following the above link.


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