Bryn Du Mansion Community Ghost Hunt this Saturday

Bryn Du Mansion Community Ghost Hunt this Saturday.

  Just a reminder this Saturday is

The First ever open to the Public Ghost Hunt of the Bryn Du Mansion!

This historic haunted mansion has only been open for a limited few private investigations for a few months each year for the past two years thru COGS, until now. You can have the oportunity to search thru the place yourself for one night only the Bryn Du Mansion opens its doors for all those who wish to dicover its paranormal occupants! this could be the only community ghost hunt at this location period! You will only need a small flashlight to navigate around in the dark. Ghost Hunting Equipment will be provided by COGS/ the central Ohio ghost squad. You are welcome to bring your own equipment including Cameras and Voice Recorders. Some of you will no doubt have come on our Haunted Twin City Opera House open hunts and will be looking forward to a new oportunity to enter another haunted location hosted by COGS so dont wait! Get your tickets now. All the history and much of the paranormal evidence collected so far of the Bryn Du Mansion can be found at

$30.00 per person online and save 5 dollars or 35 at the door

Saturday February 12th, 2011

Registration Starts at 7:30PM

Bryn Du Mansion

537 Jones Road

Granville, Ohio 43023

 a few limited weekends are still available to rent the mansion all for yourself as well in the spring if you hurry! Dont miss out

  Tom and I will also be helping out our friends at COGS with filming and production at this historic and haunted mansion just outside Granville Ohio for the next couple months and thats not all.   The Bryn Du Mansion has been a great source of material and investigations which have lead to compiling an impresive body of investigations and evidence to drawl from for this production. I am definitely looking forward to getting back out to the mansion and seeing what we can stir up. I have had the pleasure to see and hear many odd things and have been lucky enough to catch some of it on camera allready so this should be another great  para-movie/documentary! Hopefully we will have it wraped up and available in the next couple months so check back for updates and details. If you would like more info on this location just check out the website above and for the movie go to   

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