Bryn Du Mansion Filming this weekend

Bryn Du Mansion Filming this weekend.

 My partner in Lost and Found Ohio Tom and I are getting ready to go out to Bryn Du Mansion saturday night for more filming for the next Paraeglo, Cogstv production ” Hauntings at the Bryn Du Mansion”  

   this will be the 5th production I have worked on with COGS and I got to admit I am still excited to be a part of this project and COGS in general. There is something about taking all the raw footage and audio, pics, etc. and trying to put them all together to make a movie/documentary that is so challenging.

 We will be helping out our friends at COGS with filming and production at this historic and haunted mansion just outside Granville Ohio.   The Bryn Du Mansion has been a great source of material and investigations which have lead to compiling an impresive body of investigations and evidence to drawl from for this production. I am definitely looking forward to getting back out to the mansion and seeing what we can stir up. I have had the pleasure to see and hear many odd things and have been lucky enough to catch some of it on camera allready so this should be another great  para-movie/documentary! Hopefully we will have it wraped up and available in the next couple months so check back for updates and details. If you would like more info on this location or to get to investigate it for yourself then check it out at  

  we will also be giving a lecture there Feb 1st at 7pm if you would like to stop by and see the mansion for yourself its free and open to the public.  On Feb 12th their will be the first ever Public community ghost hunt of the mansion, details can be found thru the above link.


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