Bodies being stacked like cordwood in New Orleans

Bodies being stacked like cordwood in New Orleans.

Sadly in todays article bodies are still being stacked like cord wood outback of an old funeral home in a temporary setup in three refrigerated trucks in New Orleans every since huricane Katrina.

NEW ORLEANS — The Orleans Parish Coroner said Wednesday that a system failure on every level led to the accidental cremation of a murder victim last week. But the funeral home that wrongly sent the body for cremation admits nothing. “Just to know that what happened to my son when I wanted a funeral, that’s just,” sighed Michelle Bias Sullivation about the accidental cremation of her son Ralph Bias last week. The 20-year-old was shot to death while driving on I-10. Michelle and her husband, Ralph Sullivan, were hoping to have an open-casket funeral for their son, Ralph, on Saturday. “I am not going to deny responsibility of this. It was a horrible error,” said Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard. He said the mix up started when the tags on two body bags crossed. “We have to put [the bodies one on top of the other, we have so many,” Minyard said. Bodies are still being stored in three refrigerator trucks behind the old funeral home that became the New Orleans Forensic Center ‘temporary’ location after Hurricane Katrina. ……   to read the entire story follow the link back to Lost and Found Ohio’s home blog


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