Man caught Naked in Cemetery trying to Photograph Ghosts

Man caught Naked in Cemetery trying to Photograph Ghosts.

So now onto Lost and Found Ohio blog article of the day and boy is it an odd one. this is the first  and second of three articles included in the blog on my site so please click the link above if you wish to read them all.  This is just another example of why you need to remain cautious and profesional and always apply sound judgement when ghost hunting!  : )


Security camera snaps naked man in Miss. cemetery

PICAYUNE, Miss. – A man caught naked in a south Mississippi church cemetery says he was trying to take photographs of spirits. Robert Hurst told The Picayune Item newspaper that he shed his clothes because he believes skin is the best canvas to show spirits’ orbs of energy.
The 47-year-old said he only intended to remove his shirt, but he took off all his clothes — a move he now calls “stupid.”
Authorities had set up a motion-activated camera to try to catch vandals. Shane Tucker, the chief deputy in Pearl River County, said Hurst was not accused of vandalism, but the camera caught an unexpected image of Hurst naked.
Hurst faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. He posted $500 bond after turning himself in Friday.
 2nd article on this case
PICAYUNE — There have been some strange occurrences lately at some Pearl River County graveyards, including a man caught attempting to photograph himself without his clothes on.


However, did you know that some people are saying that some county graveyards are haunted, and some of the graveyards have become so widely known for their spooky manifestations that they have even garnered comments on Internet ghost sites.

The sightings and reports have been so many and so real that a number of postings about Pearl River County graveyards have made it onto the Internet, like on the The Shadowlands and Nightwatchers.

Carmen Farmer, who lives near the New Palestine Baptist Church and cemetery, said that old-timers used to tell the story of a young woman who was “stood up” at the altar at the church and later went out into the graveyard and killed herself she was so distraught.

That might be the reason that ever so often, there are reports that the jilted lover is seen meandering about the New Palestine Cemetery, which is run by the city, and is where most burials in the southern part of the county take place.

At Sycamore Cemetery, there is a bench beside a gravesite, and those who have sat on the bench say that when they do, they feel cold spots on their body and someone standing behind them breathing down their neck.

No, it’s not one of our graveyard flashers, because when you turn to look, there is no one there, according to those who have sat on the bench.

In the old-days most loved ones died at home in bed, and the entire family would gather around in hopes of getting a glimpse into the next world, the spiritual world, from one who was “passing over,” and sometimes they did.

The writer’s mother always told him of the family story of her mother seeing her favorite son-in-law, hovering over her bed. “You can’t see him, but I can,” said grandmother. Two days later grandmother died. The family to this day believes he had come to escort her over to the “Promised Land.”

People were curious and wanted to know what their loved one’s saw as they “crossed over.”

Now, loved ones are so doped up that few comment before dying, and if they do, it can be garbled and incoherent from the drug haze they are in.

There are some who actively seek out the paranormal and investigate it. Reality ghost shows on TV are popular right now. 

3rd article is an interview with the man himself explaining his actions……
can be found thru the link at the top

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