Greetings from Lost and Found Ohio

 Hello, I am Marty Myers

  Recently I have had to move my blog off of myspace as anyone who has been dealing with their BS knows they are a completely sinking ship with management bailing water into the ship as fast as they can. Its unfortunate as I had been blogging there for years now and had made alot of contacts and friends there. sadly the majority of them have been driven from myspace for simular reasons as I have.

 My blog is centered upon three main topics which I present on my website 

1  cemetery photography and preservation

2  urban and rural abandonments

3  paranormal investigation and ghost stories/urban legends

 I also collect some odd news items that skirt along the edges of all three of these subjects/interests

 I and my partner Tom Broadwater our the duo behind Lost and Found Ohio. I do almost all of the fieldwork/photography and he covers most of the webwork other than the blogging.

 I am also a paranormal investigator/team member of the Central Ohio Ghost Squad  and one of the 4 Horsemen Paranormal Radio hosts.

 Between these hobbies I usually stay pretty busy with a number of interesting events, trips and adventures so I hope you will join me as I set off for another years jouney closer to the unknown, unexplored and forgotten.


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